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Personal Website of Dave York
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My English Wikpedia contributions have encompassed the subject matter of: Australia-Indonesia relations, Islam and slavery, Muhammad and slavery, Islam and women, Chia Thye Poh, Woo Yong Gak, Wesley Cook a.k.a Mumia Abu-Jamal, 'Abd al-Majid Nimer Zaghmout, Takna Jigme Zangpo, Mike Gravel and his 2008 US presidential campaign, proposals for an Australia-Indonesia prisoner exchange agreement, the MarkMcPhaill case (a.k.a Troy Davis case), Islam and children, Islam and animals, statelessness, and slavery.

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"Hatreds never cease by hatreds in this world.  By love alone they cease.  It is an ancient law."   Saying of the Buddha, 6th Century BCE
"As the wheel follows the hoof of the ox that pulls the cart, so does suffering follow the one who acts of an impure mind."  Another saying of the Buddha
"Work earnestly toward your own salvation.  Do not depend on others."  His final words
"When the fire ox drives on wheels and the iron bird flies everywhere, my teaching will come to the land of the white man." Prophecy of Padmasambhava
"We are all merely part of the ceaseless becoming of the cosmos." Atheistic mantra
"Life may be all fucked up sometimes ... but at least you get a free trip around the sun." Desk graffiti seen at the library of the University of Western Australia in 1992

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